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What does it cost to build a custom home in the coastal areas of Texas?
Square Footage
These were actual costs on homes that all have our signature quality, fit and finish. This includes attractive materials and many custom amenities as reflected in our portfolio page on this site.

Building along the Texas gulf coast can present many challenges. Coastal building codes, strict insurance requirements, specialized building materials to name a few, these are examples of things that are specific to the Texas coastal area and must be factored into the cost of building your new home. I am often asked, "What does it costs per square foot to build homes in this area?" But since I only build custom homes, this is not a question that can be answered easily.

No two homes are exactly the same in design, structure, fit or finish. These things all go into to determining the final cost of your new home. I can try and answer that question by presenting factual data based on the costs of homes we have built in the past. Listed below are sq.ft. costs of some of our recent builds (land excluded). These figures accurately reflect the costs related to construction, insurance, water/sewer taps, engineering and builders fees.

Based on your personal needs and budget margins, you could spend considerably more than it cost to build these homes, but on the other hand, with proper planning and budgeting you can spend less. Experience has taught us that clients hate budget excess and everyone, builders included, hate change orders. It is always best to set a budget and design your home to it, keeping in mind that you will probably decide to spend a little more for upgrades as work progresses. So as you plan your budget, always allow extra funds for upgrades.

While an estimate can be provided based on the square footage of your home, it usually proves to be close at best. Accuracy improves with a line-itemed cost estimate based on a completed set of building plans. You can provide the plans or we can design your home, preparing the building plans for you. Once completed, material take offs are prepared and sent out for bid, then the plans are reviewed with various tradesmen in order for them to bid their respective work. Together we determine the finishes and amenities you desire, providing allowances for them in your overall budget process. There are no limitations set for what you want in a custom build, your budget will dictate the amenities and finishes for your home. We will not force pre-selected items into the building process. I will provide source vendors and item ideas, I can also provide you advice based on my past experiences and help with selections, but the decisions are ultimately made by you.

Once everything is outlined, now we can determine the actual dollar cost of your new home. You can always find lower bidders, but you will be hard pressed to find a more experienced, knowledgeable builder. The level of accuracy provided in an estimate utilizing building plans, insures that there won't be nasty cost overruns or surprise charges for items often omitted by "low bid builders". Our estimates reflect our actual building costs and they do not include hidden profits. Our negotiated vendor and sub-contractor discounts are passed directly on to you, my client. As your builder, I earn my money by building your home, not by marking up fixtures, flooring or building materials. I am paid to build your home and save you money. The fees I charge for my services are clearly outlined in your completed estimate.

If you focus on paying very little, that's what you will get, very little. If you decide to go with the lowest bidder, add an amount for the risk factor you are taking by doing so. Most home buyers eventually realize that they have enough to pay for something better.