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    From bungalows to mansions, we are dedicated to fine craftsmanship, quality products, attention to details and customer satisfaction. As a custom home builder we are flexible. We work closely with every customer to discover exactly what they want and explore options to create a home that reflects their own personal style, finished with professional quality and skill.

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David delivers a professional and enjoyable custom home building experience whether you are building a vacation cottage or your dream home. His longstanding relationships with certain suppliers and major sub-contractors bring continuity to his work and create an effective team.

David has many years of experience and freely shares this in an effective way during planning, design, execution and closeout, but he also listens to the customer's input and in response suggests creative and cost effective ways to address. David also understands when 'the boss has spoken...', that would be Kim, my wife of 25 years. But seriously, he works well between the husband and wife team.

If were were to build again, there is no doubt David would be our first and likely only call.

Kim and Scott
Hey David,

I just wanted to say a huge "Thank You" for everything. The house turned out magnificent. We are very proud to have a David Dale Custom Home, and glad to have your sign in the front yard. Silvia has a few calls in to your landscaper and a couple of others, to get some landscaping out there.

As soon as we can get some furniture in the place, we'll invite you and your wife out for some barbeque and some beers, wine, liquor... whatever y'all like.

Love the house!!!! Use us as a reference anytime, including on your web site.

We'd love to see the Beach House on your web site!

Silvia and Wade
David Dale built our custom designed home in 2012. It was a complex design and neither he nor us knew what details we needed. In this situation we found David and his subs to be very knowledgeable and skillful but also important good communicators throughout construction. When David and crews had questions he made sure we were on board. Also, when there were options that came up that David thought we might have some input on, he definitely called or E Mailed. These nuances included minor changes for construction details or money saving ideas. At all times David had our interest as a top priority and so did his subs. Also David was on the job nearly every day and even when there was nothing of substance to discuss he gave us progress reports. We visited the site on most weekends and David was always there to explain the next steps. He and subs kept the site cleaned up and maintained safe working conditions. All in all it was a friendly great experience that we will never forget. We are now enjoying the house every chance we get and when minor items have cropped up, David still gives us quick assistance.

My experience with David Dale Custom Homes was a very smooth and stress free experience. I would choose David Dale Custom Homes again, and would recommend them to anyone including my closest friends. The weather permitting, the construction of our new beach home was completed on time and the quality of workmanship is excellent.

Our experience with David was, excellent. He builds a quality house and does little things that only comes from experience.

Ronda and Tony